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Dec 17, 2009

so deck those hall, trim those trees

Posted by onomatowhata

each of the past five years, i've cobbled together a christmas mix as a gift to all my friends. by way of background, growing up, and to this day, my dad is in love with christmas music. and i mean bad christmas music. the worst. it would begin right after thanksgiving, and probably would have started earlier if my mom would let it happen.

as a point of revolt against that, and in hopes of maybe imposing some halfway decent christmas music on him (which failed miserably; he's sticking to the classics), i started putting together the first Tim McMahon's Rockin' Christmas Eve. the main criteria for the songs is that they must be decent songs in their own right, the type you might listen too if they had nothing to do with christmas.

so another christmas is upon us, and although it was close this year, there is a new Tim McMahon's Rockin' Christmas, vol. VI, to go along with it.since the fourth year, a bonus disc has been included, and that tradition continues as well. and starting last year, my distribution went digital. so this year, in addition to TMRCE vol. VI, i also would like to present all the former mixes in glorious digital format (via megaupload), for those who didn't have the pleasure of experiencing them the first time around [i'm working on hooking up vols. I-III. check back soon].


TMRCE vol. VI - this years edition. a bit slapdash, but it'll do.

TMRCE presents Have a Blue Christmas - the 2009 supplement. i must confess that several of the songs on this mix came from another, pre-existing mix called Blues, Blues Christmas. full disclosure.

the archives

TMRCE vol. V - last years edition. possibly my favorite to date, if a little eclectic.

TMRCE presents That Olde Tyme Christmas Cheer - 2008 supplement. a bit more traditional. songs from the dustbin of history best enjoyed on a dark and silent night. i'm partial to my original description, which described them as the kind of songs you catch on an odd am station late at night on a lonely road, that makes you wonder if it's a relic radio wave from the past.

- a pretty solid showing, i think. a bit of a new leaf.

TMRCE presents Kelly's Kountry Kristmas - the first supplement.

TMRCE vol. III [pending]

TMRCE vol. II [pending]

TMRCE vol. I [pending] - the start of it all. a solid mix, although many of the songs will actually be quite familiar to the casual listener.

so with this, i wish good tidings to you all and happy holidays and so forth. i encourage you all to spread this joy around as you see fit. until next year...