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Sep 13, 2007

"Welcome My Friends to the Show That Never Ends"

Posted by onomatowhata

I'd say the title about sums up the subject of this post. Except, I suppose it is possible, eventually, that this show could end. Or maybe never get off the ground. Always a possibility based on the past history of my other blogs. Except I feel I really care about this one. I have direction; a rarity in my life.

You hold in your hands the origins of onomatoWHATa? "What is onomatoWHATa?", you ask, and I reply, "A blog." You reply: "Of course it's a blog. I have half a brain (at least) and have heard of the interweb." No problem. As I say, I have direction.

onomatoWHATa?, nominally, is dedicated to the wonderful world of comic book sound effects. You know, like that one Savage Dragon (#31?) God punches the hell out of Satan (ooh, a pun) and the whole panel is just filled by the sound: "DOOM." To use a more graphical, and humorous example:

(unknown issue, but it's big on the triple-dubs, trust me)

Of course, the will be occasional deviances from the main theme. Some of these will just be devoted to commenting on comics. Frequently I want to share those feelings with some one; like how awesomely hilarious it was when Thor beat the shit out of Iron Man in the new Thor #3. I was literally laughing out loud. That sentence reminded me of 2 caveats: (1) I don't read a whole lot of DC, and I do read a lot of Marvel; (2) I may, without intending to offend anyone, use some foul language. If you are sensitive to such things, you may want to watch out.

There may even sometimes be posts that (*gasp*) don't relate to comics in any way, shape, or form. Variety, my friends, is the spice of life. Enjoy, and visit often. With that said, we're off and running.