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Sep 18, 2007

"New Comics for You!" (read as if one were the soup nazi)

Posted by onomatowhata

If anyone cares, here's a little list of the books I'll be picking up tomorrow (or today if you're not on Pacific time):

Annihilation: Conquest: Quasar #3 - Do I need all those colons? When's the next Starlord out?

Captain America #30 - I hardly read this book before stupid Civil War made me buy everything. Then I found out it was really good. Then Cap died. But the books still really good.

Ant-Man #12 - I'm not quite sure if I'll miss this or not.

Marvel Comics Presents #1 - I doubt there will be any racial slurs in this issue (see Shang-Chi post below), but I look forward to it none-the-less.

New X-Men #42 - I can't wait until Endangered Species is over so I can stop buying this book. Messiah what? Crap.

Submariner #4 - I just have this thing for Namor lately. He's kind of a badass.

Terror, Inc. #2 - It's hard to beat a dead guy with a bear's arm.

Wolverine: Origins #17 - I have this problem with Daniel Way, in that he writes these books where nothing happens. Just...NOTHING! Like the last issue of Ghost Rider. But I'm still buying.

World War Hulk #4 - This series has been so much damn fun. Little Johnny Romita's drawing actually works for me in this. And the sound effects are spectacular. I need to get some scanned in.

WWH: Frontline #4 - I like the detective story. I don't remember what else is going on.
WWH: Gamma Corps #3 - I've already got half of these, so might as well finish the set.

The Programme #3 - If it has Peter Milligan's name on it, I'm buying, and this book is starting to pick up speed.

JLA/Hitman #1 - I miss Hitman, and although I think most of the JLA are kind of dorks, I do like me some Goddamn Batman.

Army@Love #7 - Are we 7 issues in already? I'm not sure this is doing it for me anymore.

Madman #4 - I really think I now almost get what the hell is going on.

In sum, I buy too many Marvel books. But at least I am standing resolute in not buying the Penance mini. Reviews may be forthcoming.